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Readers...well, they read. They read screenplays. Then they write "coverage" (kind of like a book report) to describe the screenplay.


Readers love movies. After describing the screenplay, readers reveal what works and what needs work in the screenplay.


Readers work on their own terms. They make their own hours and work remotely, deciding how much and when to work.

If you love movies... If you love to read...If you are looking to reinvent your life by turning your love of movies into a job that you love... this FREE Masterclass is your ticket to making that happen. 

Oh, and did I mention you're receiving special gifts, just for investing this time in yourself and your dream? 

To make sure that you walk away from this Masterclass with the tools you need to get started on your path as a reader, we will give you a screenplay and a coverage template along with an explanation of how these tools are used inside the industry.

We only share these tools with future readers who show up live for this valuable training. So save your spot and snag these gifts!

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Carolyn J Carpenter,
Founder of Hollywood Gatekeepers

A quick note from Carolyn (your personal guide for the Masterclass journey!)

Like you, I love movies. I will never forget the day I learned that there was something called a reader in Hollywood. Wait, I can get paid to read screenplays? "I'm in!" Many years later, I have had the good fortune of working at companies that are responsible for such iconic films as JOKER, WALKING DEAD, GET SMART, SHERLOCK HOLMES, AMERICAN SNIPER, BLACK SWAN, TRAFFIC, AVATAR, OCEANS 8-12, LIFE OF PI, XMEN, SULLY, THRE GREAT GATSBY, MR. HOLLAND'S OPUS, QUIZ SHOW, and more. I've also read for agencies such as Innovative Artists, and contests including the Sundance Institute, the Scriptwriter’s Network, and the CBS Diversity Program. As part of Hollywood Gatekeepers, I have interviewed guests such as two-time Oscar Winner, Paul Haggis (CRASH, MILLION DOLLAR BABY), Austin Film Festival's Sage Kosiorek, Oscar Winner J.K. Simmons (WHIPLASH), Oscar nominee Jeff Arch (SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE), among others....sharing all of their insight with hundreds of students in my programs! And I have more interviews scheduled!

Join me as I share my journey so that you can also turn your love of movies into a job you love!

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