Hollywood Gatekeepers is a step-by-step system to becoming a reader.

We refer to the people who have gone through our system as “Screenreaders.”

Our Philosophy:

We believe that readers are an important part of the creative process of getting a film from script to screen.

We believe that readers should be experts in story analysis.

We believe that readers should be champions for writers and, therefore, should treat every coverage as though they are writing about their own script.

We believe that readers should be a solid support system for producers. Producers are expert plate spinners. They need readers that can provide them with expert coverage that they can trust and refer to as if it is their own.

We believe that readers should be passionate about reading scripts rather than viewing the job as an entry level stepping stone to another career.

We believe that writers will greatly benefit from understanding the reading process.

We believe that anyone, anywhere, can be a reader as long as they work hard and receive the proper training.

We believe that most readers need to learn how to be entrepreneurs in order to maneuver the often tricky career of being a freelance artist.

We believe that readers are artists.

We believe that readers are writers. They must succinctly get across the tone and merits of a script in an accessible and engaging fashion.

We have developed a system to educate, train and support readers and writers.

Our trainings:

Free YouTube Channel – Mini trainings covering the details of working as a reader and analyzing scripts.

Free Facebook Page and Instagram Trainings – Mini trainings covering the details of working as a reader and analyzing scripts.

Free Mailing List – Ongoing articles with tips, tricks, and trends relating to reading and writing.

Free Facebook Group – More in-depth live trainings where members can ask questions and get advice.

Free Workshops – At least once a year we offer in-depth webinars covering more details about what it takes to be a reader.

Free Podcast – Episodes interviews to explore: 1. Story analysis; breaking down a screenplay. 2. Entrepreneurship – How to be a freelance artist and start a business 3. Writing – Guest writers get their scripts critiqued during the episode. 4. Industry Professionals – Experts include Oscar-winning writers, producers, directors, and actors to speak to the writing process.

Paid Courses – We have several paid courses if you’re serious about learning how to write and/or analyze screenplays. Within our Screenreader System plus, we have an Insider Track Membership where er do weekly live trainings that dive deep into subjects, getting to know our students and giving individual attention to those who want it. Students take the course at their own pace and must submit sample coverages and pass a final exam with a score of 100% to receive Screenreader Certification. Experts including entrepreneurs and Oscar-winning producers/writers and directors make guest appearances in the class to speak directly to students. To see the list of courses and their prices CLICK HERE.

Customer Service – If you have questions, feel free to email us at [email protected].

Our Credentials. 

Hollywood Gatekeepers is founded by Carolyn J Carpenter and Douglas Shaner.

CLICK HERE to see Carolyn’s bio.

CLICK HERE to see Doug’s bio.

What we are not:

We are not a job referral site. We cannot recommend readers without a thorough knowledge of their background, skill set and, something we consider extremely important,  attitude.

We are not a production company. While we are involved in producing movies, we are not soliciting scripts.

We are not a scam.