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We do have a paid course for those that really want to dive deep into building their careers.

The Hollywood Screenreaders Course

See what our current Screenreaders have to say about the Screenreader Course!

“I’ve learned so much from this program already! A couple of weeks ago, I rewrote the teaser to a pilot I’ve been working on and as part of the application process, I submitted it as a sample to the University of Cincinnati’s CCM Playwrights Summer Workshop. I got an email today that I was accepted!! The story analysis and breaking down a character sections REALLY helped me to rethink my writing process. Thanks Carolyn and Doug for providing valuable information and for truly wanting your members to succeed!” Stephanie Moore

“I just finished my MFA in English and Creative Writing…. I feel like I have a better       grasp of plotting in the one hour lesson and followup analytical  exercises than I did in all of my academic courses. I’m loving this course!”
Chaz Jackson

“I am so thankful that my husband found this class on Facebook and suggested it for me. It is exactly what I needed at just the right time of career transition in my life. I knew the “what”, but I didn’t have the “how”. This course has given me the “how” to get to where I want to be. I have benefited from the analysis of what makes a great screenplay as well as the breakdown of all the different elements involved. But the best part of the course so far is the group discussion and connection with others who have similar goals. What a great resource, as well as a constant source of motivation and inspiration!” Heather Roma

“A little less than halfway through the course, but I’ve already learned so much! Information is presented in such a fun and engaging way, and the work at your own pace method is perfect for a busy life.” Margaret Smith

“I have to say that this level of interaction is incredible. I’ve been in a screenwriting course where there is virtually no feedback or give-and-take and it’s a lot like standing in the desert with the wind whistling by and tumbleweeds blowing past…I am delighted to be jining this community and engaging in this process! Thank you Carolyn and Doug!!!”  Pam Michaels

“…..the challenge for me as the Executive Producer was how to guide the  writers during the script development phase… I feel much more  empowered using the tools given to give feedback and be a more  effective leader in our next project!” Monica Lawson

“You know those big questions, like, if you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be and people say things like Einstein, Mark Twain and  Oprah? Well, lately, I’d have to say Screenreaders.”
Sherie Wright